Here at Grenville Baker Boys and Girls Club we want to make sure all of your questions are answered.

We feel that as a parent there may be some concerns and/or frequent questions you have about how we operate our facility. We hope these frequently asked questions are of some help. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to call the Club!

Is attendance required?
No, we are a drop-in facility and do not require attendance but recommend your child come at least three days per week. For K-5 members, if I child will not be participating on a particular, we ask that you inform us that morning. 

What grade levels can attend?
Our Club is open to all children in grades K-12.

Do you provide meals/snacks?
Each day every child is given a snack. Each site also has a water cooler and members are able to fill out a reusable water bottle.

Do you provide transportation?
If your child attends any of the listed schools, transportation is provided. Transportation home from the club is not provided.

  • Locust Valley Primary
  • Locust Valley Intermediate
  • Locust Valley Middle/HS
  • Bayville Primary
  • Bayville Intermediate
  • Robert M. Finley Middle 

Can my child bring a friend for a day?
Yes, we encourage our Club kids to bring a friend, however, after one visit if they decide they would like to come back they must become a member.

Are refunds available?
Refunds are not given for annual membership fees. Refunds for program fees are available if time given allows the Club to invite a member to fill the space in that specific program. Please speak to the Associate Director about refunds (may take up to two weeks for processing).

How do I know if the Club is closed due to weather?
In the event we have to close the Club due to weather, we will announce our closure over the Remind App (please be sure you are registered!), here on our website on the homepage, as well as on our Facebookpage.