Grenville Baker Boys & Girls Club’s Basketball program is so much more than dribbling and shooting hoops!

While kids are running about the gym, having fun, and getting fit, they learn about sportsmanship, teamwork, and strategy. They discover valuable life lessons around collaboration, determination, and hard work. They learn to gracefully embrace both the triumphs of victory and the disappointments of defeat.

In short, through basketball, kids at the Club develop the resiliency and skills to meet life’s challenges.

In our 70-year history, these lessons have never been more important. In a year defined by uncertainty, our Club and our Club’s kids demonstrated their ability to be flexible and adaptable. Right now, while we are delighted to have been able to welcome our kids back to our facilities this summer and fall, safety concerns continue to prevent us from being able to carry out a basketball program this year.

That said… our kids still need us, and we still need you.

As we come to a close on our 70th year of responding to the dynamic needs of the children and families in our community, we are turning to past supporters like you to help us carry on the work of helping kids reach their full potential.

Your gift today truly makes a difference in a child’s life… now and into the future, when we can once again shoot for the highest hoops.



Slam Dunk sponsors will receive four (4) VIP tickets to the GBBGC upcoming Blue Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of the renovated gyms (date TBD). Sponsor signage to be displayed at the ceremony; logo and listing on our website; outdoor signage near our facility; invitation to Leader Circle Reception; single promotion on the Club’s social media channels.



Jump Shot sponsors will receive two (2) VIP tickets to the GBBGC Blue Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of renovated gyms. Signage to be displayed at the ceremony; logo and listing on our website; outdoor signage near our facility.



Swish sponsors will receive their logo/name to be included on our website and outdoor signage near our facility.



Send a message of encouragement — and know that every “Spirit Booster” you buy helps support Club programs that help kids learn, grow and thrive. These colorful 12 x 18 lawn signs will adorn our front lawn of the Club on Forest Ave. Click Here To View

Any Amount

We greatly appreciate your support.