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Power Hour: This program helps our members achieve academic success by providing homework help, tutoring, and high-yield learning activities and encouraging members to become self-directed learners.  Power Hour is offered Monday-Thursday from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. The Club provides members with the space, time and assistance to complete their assignments. Members’ participation is tracked for recognition through our Power Hour Incentive Program. 

Healthy Habits: This program focuses on making choices that support a healthy eating pattern and physical wellness. Healthy Habits is made up of interactive practical activities that develop a young person’s ability, confidence and motivation to eat healthy for life. 

Fitness Club: This program features a wide variety of sports and games with extra fitness elements. All members will stay active in a fun and competitive environment that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Triple Play: This program offers activities that are critical to positive youth development. This program builds the skills a young person needs to make healthy choices through cooperative, group-based activities that develop a young person’s confidence in themselves and connection to others. Through games room tournaments like table tennis, foosball and chess, Club members will develop skills such as sportsmanship and critical thinking. 

Ultimate Journey: Developed in partnership with the National Park Service, this program introduces young people to aspects of environmental stewardship. It includes fun, experiential, environmental education activities that cultivate an awareness and appreciation of the natural wonders that surround young people.

Theater Club: This program is designed to explore theater and the performing arts. Youth will also learn about set design, set building, stage lighting, costumes, stage makeup and directing. It offers Club members different ways for them to express themselves creatively in hopes that they will discover a behind-the-scenes role in a production or on-stage performance.

Coding: This program nurtures member’s curiosity and boosts creativity with coding. It creates opportunities that aim to be fun and gamified to keep young minds engaged while learning effectively. Learning to code has become an essential element of a child’s education and a great way for them to express their creativity. Kids will be challenged to solve problems using their critical thinking skills.

Art: This program encourages our kids to be creative in a relaxed setting. Kids will explore a variety of art making techniques including canvas painting, collage, liquid watercolor, weaving, paper dyeing, oil pastel, and more! 

Reading Club: This program provides an opportunity for our members to become better readers and develop better communication and language skills. Through Reading Club, youth are encouraged to think logically and strengthen concentration through fun reading activities, and ultimately work toward building a life-long love of reading.

STEM: This program engages members through hands-on experiments and provides them with critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, innovation, and collaborative skills.

Daily Challenge: Daily Challenges is a progressive curriculum that focuses on building movement skills and positive attitudes toward physical activity. The program consists of 32 diverse games, cooperative activities and sports that develop a young person’s ability, confidence and motivation to be physically active.

SMART Girls: is a small-group health, fitness, prevention/education and self-esteem enhancement program designed to meet the developmental needs of girls. Through dynamic sessions, highly participatory activities, field trips and mentoring opportunities with adult women, Club girls explore their own and societal attitudes and values as they build skills for eating right, staying physically fit, and developing positive relationships with peers and adults.

Book Club: This club is a great way to get our members to interact with each other, beyond technology. The Book Club not only will increase their social skills, it’ll also encourage them to read in their free time whilst appreciating the story. This program is also a great pro-social way to share the love of reading, helping young people learn to talk about the books they’re reading, and motivate kids to read.

Khan Academy: This program focuses on providing a dedicated time for extra-curricular math to breathe new life into math beyond the classroom. The program gives opportunity for everyone to have fun with math  in an entirely non-judgemental, and ideally relatively free flowing environment.

Newspaper:  Newspaper Club is an academic club designed to expose students to the skills of journalism, photography, drawing, publication, and collaboration. It is a place they can voice their opinions, ideas, and ideals.