Efficacy & Efficiency: Ensuring the Safety and Impact of our Programs

At Grenville Baker, we are ready to help kids kick off the school year in a safe and productive way!  This Monday the 14th, we opened our doors to 130 kids across our three off-site locations (while our renovations continue).

Knowing that hybrid and remote learning creates new challenges, all of our staff are focused on ensuring that kids stay on track to do well in school and realize their full potential. Each day after school, the kids enjoy a snack (prepared at home for safety), and then spend an hour (Power Hour) focused on homework. This routine teaches kids to prioritize their responsibilities and gives them a sense of consistency — which is dearly needed when every other aspect of life seems uncertain.

To keep kids healthy, we have modified and added safety protocols according to CDC guidelines to all our program spaces. These measure include:

  • All members and staff wearing facial coverings when in our facilities
  • Daily health screenings, including temperature checks
  • Promoting social distancing through redesigned spaces and visual cues
  • Keeping groups small and static, so that children can participate in programs in their “home base”
  • Frequent sanitation and disinfecting in our facilities
  • Teaching and encouraging consistent hand hygiene
  • Reducing access to parents and other adults inside our facilities

In this “new normal,” we understand that by keeping kids healthy, we can continue to welcome them into the Club to benefit from our mentorship, social connections, and engaging activities…not to mention the fun and games when the hard work of homework is completed!

At Grenville Baker, we understand how important it is for kids to feel like kids, and we are dedicated to preserving the joy of childhood through these difficult times.