Interested in Becoming a Volunteer?

Grenville Baker Boys & Girls Club has many exciting volunteer opportunities for you to be a part of. Whether it is serving kids their slices on Pizza Night or sorting for the Clothing Sale, there are dozens of ways YOU can make a DIFFERENCE in the lives of our members.

The Club is also a great place if you need to fulfill Community Service Hours. If you were interested in performing your Community Service at the Club, please give us a call.

If you are interested in volunteering, please call the Front Desk,
at 516 – 676 – 1460 ext. 16. or fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Just some of the ways you can volunteer…

Homework Help
The moment our kids get off the bus they are invited into our Learning Centers to receive help with their homework. Our kids need help with all subjects: math, science, English, history, and even English as a Second Language. If you enjoy working with children and want to help shape their future through education, feel free to volunteer your time by assisting with Homework Help. Our kids will be so thankful to have your help and support as they learn the foundation for the rest of their education.

Pizza Fridays
Every Friday we are visited by the Pizza Guy and our members enjoy some delicious hot pizza. We are always looking for volunteers to help serve our members their slices during this busy time. You’ll get to meet dozens of outstanding kids and put smiles on their faces as you put slices on their plates.

Field Clean Ups
Whether it is baseball or soccer, kickball or tug’o’war, we play lots of games on our fields! We like to keep our fields in the best condition possible so that our kids can have the best outdoor experience possible. Each Spring we choose one Sunday to dedicate to field clean up, getting our field and baseball diamonds ready for the upcoming baseball season and summer of fun activities. Whether you want to help us lay new clay on the baseball diamonds or simply rake up branches and leaves around the field, we could use your help!

Day For Kids
Held on a Saturday every September, Day for Kids is a carnival open to all to come and enjoy a day of fun, games, food, and play! Day for Kids is always such a success thanks to the help of our volunteers and the generous support of local businesses who provide prizes, food, and drinks for our attendees.

Clothing Sale Volunteer
As our largest fundraiser, the Annual Clothing Sale requires hours of planning and preparation to make the success that it is. The Club receives clothing donations for up to two months prior to Opening Day and needs help sorting and pricing the high volume of clothing we receive. If you have a knack for sorting clothes or just love to see all types of fashion, volunteering for the Clothing Sale is for you!

Family Picnic
Every Fall the Junior Leaders host a Family Picnic to start the new year with a bang. Welcoming both new members and old, the family picnic is a great opportunity for members and families to meet each other and the staff while enjoying a fun barbecue. If you would like to take part in this event, there are many opportunities to help serve food or run activities for our members.

Thanksgiving Dinner
Every November the Club hosts a Thanksgiving Dinner open to all members of the community. For just $5 a person, anyone can enjoy a Thanksgiving Dinner with all the fixings in the company of good friends. Our Thanksgiving Dinner would not be possible without the amazing food provided by so many local businesses and the volunteers who take time to help prepare and serve the food to our dinner guests.

Holiday Party
The Club loves to get into the holiday spirit and we celebrate all of the holidays at our annual Holiday Party. Our upstairs gym transforms into a winter wonderland full of toys, desserts, drinks, and cheer! If you are filled with the holiday spirit and would like to help with our party, there are many opportunities to help such as decorating, serving, clean up, and photography.

Grenville Baker Boys & Girls Club is proud to offer a wide variety of athletic programs to our members throughout the school year. Three of these programs, Soccer, Basketball, and Baseball/Softball, see our members form teams and compete against each other in a structured league. These programs are always looking for coaches to take charge of a team and teach our kids the fundamentals of the sport while also learning and practicing good sportsmanship.

Junior Games Room
The Junior Games Room is the heart of Grenville Baker Boys & Girls Club and is always beating strong. At almost any time we have over a hundred kids in our Junior Games Room taking part in a variety of activities. If you would like to help us run these activities, whether it be a Bumper Pool Tournament, a Lego Building Contest, or an activity of your own design, we welcome your time and enthusiasm.

Guest Reading
If there is one thing our kids love more than reading, it is having stories read to them by readers who are passionate about the material. Our Education Department is always looking for anyone who would like to come in and engage our kids by reading one of their favorite stories. Any story appropriate for ages 6 – 10 is welcome!

Be part of a GREAT opportunity to be involved with your local Club!
If you having any questions about becoming a volunteer,
please contact the Club at 516 – 676 – 1460 Ext. 16

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