In today’s world, STEM (the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) has become a top priority in Education. Research has shown that the out-of-school environment, after school and during the summer, can play a critical role in advancing STEM knowledge in children of all backgrounds and of all ages. As in most things, a student’s ability to succeed in school is directly related to their level of confidence and degree of interest. During afterschool STEM programs at our Club, our kids are given a safe place to try, to fail, and to persevere.  In this way, we are able to support our schools, while directly helping our kids to succeed.

The Technology Center at Grenville Baker Boys & Girls Club offers a variety of daily activities and programs designed to develop members’ skills and knowledge in computer use and other technology. Our Technology Staff provides our youth with access to the latest developments to prepare them for the ever-changing technological world. Our Technology Programs focus on teaching the skills our members need to succeed at school and in the workforce through targeted, fun and engaging lessons.

If you have any question about our Technology programs, please contact Carlos Pumar, Director of Education,
at 516-676-1460 Ext. 20 or

LEGO Robotics
In this exciting NEW program, our membes will get hands on with the LEGO Robotics STEM course, learning all about programming, engineering, and robotic design. Our members will build their own robots out of special LEGOs then program them using engaging and easy to use software.

WISEngineering STEM Club
In a program coordinated with Hofstra University, our middle schoolers are participating in projects that require the collection, evaluation and synthesis of data in order to formulate conclusions. The goal for our members is to gain an understanding of the scientific process and to see its direct application to practical problem solving.

Girls Who Code
The language of coding has become an integral part of our growing technological world.  By learning to code, our girls are taught to communicate and to solve problems, giving them the confidence they need. They learn not just to use computer programs but to create them. With code girls can bring their ideas to life in ways never before possible, all while honing a skill that will help them further their education and begin their future careers.

Digital Arts
This program allows members to master the technology needed to create art work on the computer. Workshops offered include music and video production, digital photo and video editing, and computer aided design.