A summer spent at GBBGC is one filled with adventure, arts, travel, and athletics where each camper can thrive while enjoying time with friends. Our Day Camp includes fun age-appropriate activities on site, with a field trip once a week. Our 3 day a week Travel Camp includes trips exploring New York City and Long Island. Our Sports Camps focus on developing athletic skills and sportsmanship. Our Teen Camp gives teens a place to come together for fun activities geared to their age level and a weekly field trip.

If you have any questions about our Summer Camp programs, please contact Kelly Ferry, Director of Program and Professional Development,
at 516-676-1460 Ext. 25  or

Day Camp

Grades 1-5
July 9th – August 24th
9 am – 5 pm 
Fun-filled Theme Days On-Site and one great trip a week Off-Site! Campers will enjoy a variety of theme days based on different movies, shows, genres, and time periods. Once a week On-Site campers will have the opportunity to go on an exciting trip outside the Club and take part in some of the amazing activities Long Island and New York City have to offer.

Extended Day Available:

8-9 AM $10 day

5-6 PM $10 day

3-5 PM $20 day (Not Available On Wednesdays)

12-5 PM $160.00 a week (Not Available On Wednesdays)


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*Summer ONLY membership available for Grades 1-2

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Summer Day Programs:

Co-Ed Basketball Camp: Grades 4-12th Mon – Fri 9am -3pm $200 a week

  • July 9th – 13th (week 1)
  • July 16th – 20th (week 2)

Technology Camp: Grades 4-12th Mon – Fri 9am-12pm $150 a week

  • July 23rd – 27th (week 3)

Co-Ed Mini Soccer Camp: Grades 1-3rd  Mon – Fri 9am-12pm $150 a week

  • Aug 13th – 17th (week 6)

Baseball Camp: Grades 4-12th Mon-Fri 9am – 3pm $200 a week

  • July 30th – Aug 4th (week 4)

Co-Ed Cheerleading: Grades 1-7th Mon – Fri 9am – 12pm $150 a week

  • August 13th – 17th (week 6)

Co-Ed Dance Camp: Grades 1-7th Mon – Fri 9am – 12pm $150 a week

  • August 6th – 10th (week 5) Co-Ed

Co-Ed Gymnastics Camp: Grades 1-7th Mon – Fri 9am – 3pm $250 a week

  • Aug 6th – 10th (week 5)
  • Aug 20th – 24th (week 7)

Co-Ed Art Camp: Grades 1-12th Mon – Fri 9am-12pm $200

  • July 30th – Aug 4th (week 4)

Golf & Tennis Camp Off-Site:  Grades 1-12th Mon – Fri 9am-12pm $250 a week

  • July 23rd – 27th (week 3)

Basketball Night League Grades 6-12th/College Age

  • July 9th-Aug 10th Two games a week.  $75 for the league.

Travel Camp

Grades 4 – 12th  9 am – 5 pm

Mon, Wed and Fri – $225 a week.
Three Days of adventuring Off-Site, campers will travel to amazing places all around Long Island and New York City, including adventure parks, the zoo, and museums.

Grades 4th & 5th     Grades 6th – 8th      Grades 9th & 10th    Grades11th & 12th

Tween & Teen Summer Camp

 Grades 6 – 12

Mon – Fri $75 a week(s) (+$75 fee for Wed. field trip)

Mon, Wed, Fri $45 a week(s) (+$75 fee for Wed. field trip)

Tues, Thurs $30 a week(s)

Wednesday is trip day. Trips times will vary.
Our Club is open for our Teen members to drop in and enjoy our Teen Center whenever they like throughout the week. Members can spend time with their friends, take part in weekly games tournaments, play Ultimate Frisbee, or put together pick-up games of Basketball in our gyms. Once a week, teens will also be able to go on trips to great places all over Long Island.

Drop in Teen Program: Grades 6 – 12th ~ Mon – Fri 12pm-6pm no additional fee, but please register.