Our Kids

Grenville Baker Boys & Girls Club is proud to service more than 1,600 children each year. With children coming from the Locust Valley, Bayville, Glen Cove, and other surrounding communities, our Club is made up of the most amazing young people in the North Shore area. Grenville Baker is also proud of its nearly equal split between boy and girl memberships, making our Club one of the most diverse in the country.

Just take a look at what some of our Club Kids and Alumni have to say about Grenville Baker!

“The Club is my college before college.”

– Andres
12th Grade

“It provides children with a second home and leads them in the right direction.”

– Rosario
2013 Youth of the Year
Rutgers University

“I love to come here and play my friends in different games.”

– Tanush
2nd Grade

“At the Club I get to spend time with my brother and all my friends having fun.”

– Ashaira
3rd Grade

“The Club is my favorite place. I want to come here everyday.”

– Sebastian
3rd Grade

“I met my best friends here and have had the opportunity to go places I had never imagined were possible.”

– Larissa
11th Grade

“The Club provides me with all the help I need with school work and teaches me something new every day.”

– Anthony
9th Grade

“The Club is like a light that shines my path and makes the darkness disappear.”

– Vannya
2014 Youth of the Year
University of Maryland

“I learn so much here while still having fun.”

– Luis
6th Grade

“The Club has so many fun events!”

– Nia
5th Grade

“I want to come to the Club every day, even when it is closed!”

– Jeffrey
6th Grade

“At the Club I get to express myself in ways I can’t anywhere else.”

– Bela
5th Grade