Torch Club is a leadership and service club for youths from ages eleven to thirteen. The goal of this program is to instill qualities of tolerance, civic duty, community involvement, and leadership that promote an appreciation for the responsibilities of citizenship and the democratic process. Torch Club members learn to elect officers and work together to plan and implement community service activities, educational opportunities, health and fitness projects, and social recreation. Torch Club members also participate in service-learning experiences through the National Torch Club project.

2017 – 2018 Torch Club


Lorena Vazquez

Vice President
Doris Serrano

Dayana Aguilar

Bryan Jaco

Sergeants at Arms
Donovan Dempster
Ashly Vargas


Jason Acevedo

Dayana Aguilar

Autumn Borah

Devin Dempster

Donovan Dempster

Stephanie Flores

Mariano Godinez

Moises Godinez

Francesca Gonzalez

Yuliza Hernandez

Bryan Jaco

Jonathan Lopez

Carolina Maisonet

Abdiel Mandujano

Sam Mantovani


Sabrina Monterroso

Jonathan Navas

Ally Pascucci

Pri Ramdinal

Grace Risco

Madison Roberts

Anthony Ronquillo

Jayleen Sanchez

Doris Serrano

Francesca Speringo

Ashley Vargas

Lorena Vazquez

Wilmer Ventura