Dynamic leaders between the ages of fourteen and eighteen fill our Keystone Club. Keystoners devote their time to leadership and service in the community. Our Keystone Club elects its own officers and implements its own activities in three focus areas: academic success, career preparation, and community service.

The combined action of hundreds of Boys & Girls Club Keystone Clubs across the nation results in a major impact on communities throughout the U.S.

2018 – 2019 Keystone Club


Jimmy Mejia

Vice President
Bertha Hernandez

Joe Valli

Odalis Yanes

Sergeants at Arms
Brian Graham

Community Liaison
Stephanie Flores


Johanna Canales

Brian Castro 

Anna Cote 

Gabriel (Giona) Cruz

 Kayla Demosthene

Alex Diaz

Mary Lou Famiglietti

Stephanie Flores 

Kat Fredes 

Gaddy Fukuda 

Henry Flores

Christian Garcia 

Marlene Goldstein 

Brian Graham

Bertha Hernandez

Bryan Jaco

Isabella Juarez

Daniel Lagos

Diana Lopez


Gustavo Lopez

Jason Lopez

Jonathan Lopez

Jimmy Mejia

Kathya Molina

Alex Nicolson

Ally Pascucci

Emily Pineda

Leslie Pineda

Grace Risco 

Ruben Ronquillo

Jeremy Sanchez 

Doris Serrano

Vincent Valli

Edgar Vasquez

Janelly Vasquez

Sydney Yabo

Angela Zabala

Alyssa Zambuto

Julianne Zambuto