Right here in your community, something incredibly special is happening at Grenville Baker Boys & Girls Club. Each year, thanks to the enriching programs that the Club provides, more than 1,200 local children between the ages of 5 and 18 are learning, growing, and thriving – and are on their way to becoming the next generation of leaders in our community.

In fact, Grenville Baker Boys & Girls Club has been nurturing and nourishing kids in our local area for 70 years now. And while our offerings have changed based on the needs and interests of our members… our mission to help kids realize their full potential and our role in keeping our local community strong has remained steadfast. Ever more so doing the COVID-19 crisis.

As we face continued uncertainty, we are asking neighbors and friends like you to join us in
uplifting our kids, families, and whole community by making a gift today.

Grenville Baker Boys & Girls Club’s ability to rise to the occasion and open our hearts during the darkest days of the pandemic showcased our tradition of compassion, resilience, and dedication to all in our area.

For instance, to keep kids engaged, energized, and socially connected, we guided our teens to participate in community service and encouraged members of all ages to stay physically active. For families facing hunger, we provided immediate nourishment and coordinated ongoing food donations. To help our kids complete the school year, the Club provided remote homework help, science, and art programs. And when remote outreach wasn’t quite enough, our staff went further.

Just ask Youth Coordinator, Seth Watkins…

“I have been working with 10-year-old Yeraldi for a few years now. She is one of the most wonderful human beings I have ever met and works so hard to keep pace in school. But remote learning just wasn’t an option for her due to a lack of resources at home, coupled with some learning disabilities. Understanding her challenges, I arranged for regular, in-person tutoring over the summer… and am happy to report that Yeraldi is making amazing progress!

What we do every day – in times of crisis or otherwise – helps shape kids, families, and our community.

What you do, strengthens what we do, and so I am hopeful that you will consider  making a gift today. Looking ahead to the
remainder of 2020, the only thing we know for certain is that, with open hearts, Grenville Baker Boys & Girls Club can continue to play an  essential role in our area’s recovery and our  children’s well-being. And so can you.