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Striking a Balance – March 7

Job statistics show that over the next few years, most careers will require technological expertise. Recognizing this trend, the Club provides Technology Programs to help teach Club members the skills needed not just in school, but in almost every work environment. In the spring, the Club will offer Hour of Code, Science with Seth, WISEngineering, and Minecraft, programs that provide fun ways to explore STEM afterschool. While acknowledging the pressing need for young people to build the fundamentals that are key to their academic and professional development, our focus is on providing a relaxed atmosphere in the Tech Center for every skill level.

Parents today understand the need for their children to have a strong foundation in technology along with the more traditional subjects in school. However, parents also hope to strike a balance for their kids between time spent at the computer and time spent being physically active and interacting with their peers. While time spent in the Tech Lab is important, it is also important that our members have the opportunity to play, to socialize and to exercise with their friends. Grenville Baker’s new schedule for Spring Programs provides such a healthy balance by offering an array of technology programs mixed with plenty of social, recreation, and athletic opportunities for every child.

The best way to encourage a child to be active is to combine exercise with friends. The Club makes that easy. This spring, kids can enjoy an array of Sports and Fitness Programs with their friends including Taekwondo, Gymnastics, and Soccer. If they are dancers, they can enjoy HipHop, Jazz, and Ballet. Pilates and All Star Sports also provide a fun opportunity for children to develop overall fitness. To build on the success of this past Basketball season, they can also participate in our Open Gym Basketball this spring every day afterschool and on Saturday. Our traditional sports of Softball and Baseball will begin later in the spring.

With our three and a half acres of athletic fields, our two gymnasiums, recreation room and dance room, our Club provides a wonderful venue for youth athletics and fitness right in the heart of Locust Valley. Our staff also encourages plenty of other less structured options for healthy activities both indoors and out, including round robins in ping pong and bumper pool in the rec room, pickup games in kickball and soccer out back, and rousing games of Dodge Ball and Volleyball in the gym.

So while we are proud to offer technology and science, this focus is balanced with the knowledge that kids need physical activity, fresh air, and free time to have fun with their friends. If you have any questions about our programs or would like to register your child, please call the Club at (516) 676-1460 x 16.