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Winter Fun at GBBGC – January 31, 2018


This January has provided a number of wintry challenges with snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. It is easy to feel cooped up and housebound whatever your age, but especially when you are young and energetic. Grenville Baker Boys & Girls Club is a warm and welcoming place to have fun for youngsters from Kindergartners through the Twelfth Grade. At this time of year, our Club is full of kids with an array of activities and healthy outlets for youthful energy in addition to our Basketball Program.  Each school day, more than 200 children come to the Club after school to take advantage of our Homework Help program and to participate in everything the Club has to offer.

Homework Help is a highly effective program based on the premise that children who consistently complete their homework assignments go to school each day with confidence and a strong chance of success. At the Club, our children learn to study independently and to finish projects on time, giving them a sense of accomplishment and achievement.  With a structure designed to help every kid succeed, we keep our child to staff ratio low and provide outlets for children who have completed their work so they do not distract the others. We have also provided a quiet study space for kids needing extra help or extra time to complete their assignments. When a child needs individual assistance, the one-on-one time we offer is essential. Our staff and volunteers are on hand to encourage and to help.

In addition to Homework Help, we have introduced some fun activities to encourage our little ones to learn while having fun. In our STEAM program, our first and second graders take part in lessons and experiments like studying volcanoes while building one themselves. Members also participate in scavenger hunts searching for clues to learn about geography and national landmarks. In our Kids in the Kitchen, members have a chance to learn to cook and to bake, making simple recipes and learning the fundamental skills of measuring ingredients, following instructions, and enjoying the delicious reward at the end. Young readers enjoy our Library Club that matches participants with a teen tutor at the Locust Valley Library to strengthen reading skills and to encourage a love of books.

Our kids in Grades 3 – 5 are also learning while having fun. They are taught important lessons about health and nutrition in Healthy Habits. In our “Science with Seth” Club, they are conducting experiments and going on field trips to learn more about the natural world around them. To keep everyone active and fit during the winter months, fun games like Around the World Ping Pong, Triple Table Tennis, and Bean Bag Toss have made the Social Rec room a place full of laughter and high energy. Other physical outlets include Dance-Nastics, Hip Hop and Jazz, Kickline, and Dance Expression.

Creative activities in the Tech Center include DJ & Mixing, Photography, and Minecraft. In the Art Room, our kids gain a familiarity with various mediums and techniques while developing their own distinctive style. Their works will be on display at the Locust Valley Library for the month of February as part of BGCA’s National Competition in the Fine Arts. A reception will be held on Thursday, February 15th from 7 – 8:30 pm at the Library for the young artists and their families. All are welcome.

If you have any questions for your child about our afterschool programs for all ages, please call the Club at 759-5437 x 16, go to the website at www.gbbgc.org, or stop by the Club.